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Toward a Holistic Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Program (English)

Report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst on operationalizing Cyber Threat Intelligence through a holistic approach [Aug-2017]

Over the past few years, cyber threat intelligence has been promoted as a panacea for cyber-defense by government agencies, legislators, and the technology industry. This caused many organizations to invest in CTI programs but their enthusiasm turned to skepticism when CTI programs failed to meet their promise. Why?

Many firms lacked the right level of skills and experience with CTI and find it difficult to operationalize threat intelligence. ESG recommends a new strategy called a holistic CTI program, designed to evolve CTI efforts from tactical and reactive to strategic and proactive. CISOs that need help through this transition should seek out experts like EclecticIQ with the experience, services, and offerings that can help them succeed and benefit from CTI.

Organizations that need help in these areas can opt for EclecticIQ Fusion Center, which enables the acquisition of thematic bundles of cyber threat intelligence through a single contract, fusing open, community, and commercial sources into a unified delivery model that includes qualification, unified tagging, relevancy determination, and multiformat delivery. This alleviates issues faced by in-house analysts, allowing them to focus on analysis and hunting.

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