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Threat Data Ingestion: Get the Best of Both Worlds (English)

Selecting a threat intelligence platform (TIP) is a complex decision that often puts the CTI and the IT Ops teams at odds with each other. The CTI team demands high-fidelity threat data. The IT Ops team requires a TIP with predictable and manageable scalability.

In this paper, you will learn why these factors – often taken for granted – result in organizations either implementing a TIP that provides substandard threat fidelity or a high fidelity TIP that quickly eats through IT’s hosting budget.

With the advanced ingestion engine capabilities of EclecticIQ Platform, the great news is that organizations now get high-fidelity threat data with predictable and near-linear scalability.

Download this paper to learn how to meet organizational risk mandates without compromise, and get five quintessential questions to ask your TIP provider when making your TIP decision.

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