Webinar Recording Apr 28, 2020

Lessons Learned Implementing Intelligence-led Security (English)

We have invited Carol Geyer, Chief Development Officer from OASIS, to discuss how the adoption of STIX and TAXII might transform the CTI practices of organizations. Further, during this webinar we will look at some of the issues that central government and enterprises face, when setting up CTI capabilities.
  • Why is it crucial to adopt STIX and TAXII?
  • Why is intelligence sharing and collaboration essential?
  • How to shift from a reactive to pre-emptive defence?
  • How can cyber threat intelligence be used for detection, hunting and response?
  • How to adopt an intelligence-led security strategy using existing security controls?
  • Which use-cases are applicable to your security situation?



  • Carol Geyer, Chief Development Officer of OASIS
  • Joep Gommers, CEO and Founder of EclecticIQ



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