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Using a Robust Platform for Training Purposes (English)

Cyber threat analysts are hard to find, and are being heavily recruited by enterprises and governments. The problem is that threat intelligence has a steep learning curve, even for IT professionals in related fields. That’s why Cyber Threat Intelligence Network (CTIN) advocates a new approach to training cyber threat analysts: Use a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) as a hands-on instructional tool.

For its extensive intelligence training programs, CTIN relies upon EclecticIQ Platform to teach analysts the tradecraft of cyber threat intelligence. The highly configurable, programmable, STIX/TAXII-based EclecticIQ Platform empowers analysts to design their own threat hunting parameters, and EclecticIQ’s rich visualization engine allows analysts to effectively communicate their findings to others.

Using EclecticIQ Platform, training scenarios can be based on actual Incident Response workflows combined with content sourced from information-sharing communities. The practice-based approach to training is driving the acceleration of workforce development in the critical field of cyber threat intelligence.

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