EclecticIQ Platform implementation chart (English)

This chart highlights the 5-steps to implement EclecticIQ Platform, the analyst-centric threat intelligence platform, in your organization.

The implementation of EclecticIQ Platform in your organization depends on your use cases, maturity of your security operations, and technical environment. The Solution team at EclecticIQ helps you defining the implementation in detail and work with you in getting it done.

On a high-level, the implementation consists of 5-steps:

1. What: What are your use cases for EclecticIQ Platform? Do you want to automate your indicator feeds? Need to empower a team of intel analysts? We go over your wishes together. For guidance, the EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Maturity Model is used to derive the relevant use cases.

2. Where & How: Now that we know what the use cases are, what do we need to enable and support them? Where are we going to integrate EclecticIQ Platform in the network? Do we need to integrate with security controls such as your SIEM? From our experiences, we can help determining the integration points.

3. Integrate together: Once that’s done, we can actually start to integrate! The EclecticIQ Solutions team will assist you with their knowledge and best practices. There is also work on your end such as opening firewalls and preparing the infrastructure. You know your environment best, we know ours.

4. Training & Testing: No implementation without testing! Together we will make sure all integrations work. User training is important to maximize your investment and we will take care of that. From an intro training to in-depth training based on your specific use cases.

5. Launch & Aftercare: Now that we’re live, our journey together doesn’t end (we hope it's just starting and we'll walk and fly together). Of course, we are there for you should you have questions. Be they technical or process related - our support team is your first line of help. Your questions and suggestions are welcome!

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