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Beyond the IOC with Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) (English)

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) have their place in cybersecurity, but as cyber threats evolve, they have become ineffective in threat detection. In order to detect the techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) of adversaries as well as to fully understand and anticipate threats, we have to go Beyond the IOC with structured intelligence.

Structured intelligence lets us move beyond the IOC and gain insight into:

  • Techniques, tactics and procedures 
  • Campaign attribution
  • Collaborative networks
  • Underlying motivation and intent


This requires institutional knowledge of cyber threats through a cyber threat intelligence practice, detection, prevention and remediation of threats beyond the IOCs of today. As a result, we gain insights into adversary modus operandi relevant tomorrow. 

The path to achieving actionable CTI is neither quick nor easy. But it is highly worthwhile and there are some key milestones we can aim for that can greatly enhance the CTI sharing process.

Download our whitepaper The Path to Achieving Actionable CTI to learn about the transition from IOCs to TTPs and other key milestones along the path to achieving actionable CTI.

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