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Get a Demo of PolyLogyx Endpoint Platform

We will be happy to demonstrate the rich capabilities of our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform named PolyLogyx Endpoint Platform. 

PolyLogyx Endpoint Platform was built from ground-up to capture real-time events on all types of endpoints for the purpose of detection, investigation and response/remediation.

If you are an MSSP, PolyLogyx Endpoint Platform can be part of your SOC technology stack with integration to SIEMs. The open architecture makes the platform flexible and extensible.

Key benefits of PolyLogyx Endpoint Platform:

  • Provides real-time telemetry capture, including memory and process forensics.
  • Allows live querying and response action without additional agents or scripts.
  • Extensive REST API to perform all data and configuration activities through integration.


To schedule the demo, please fill out the form.

If you prefer to give the platform a try, you are welcome to download the Community version of the PolyLogyx Endpoint Platform platform here. This is the Base EDR platform, excluding Response action and API.

Tip: Look out for our XDR Threat Hunting platform in the coming months. Sign up for our beta or early access program.

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