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EclecticIQ Fusion Center Report - The Best Defense is Good OPSEC (English)

Conferences like RSA, CSA, and Blackhat draw people of many capabilities under a single roof. This seems to have the interesting effect of deterring outside threats. Eclectic IQ Fusion Center analysts found scant evidence of targeted campaigns against attendees of these conferences.

Report from EclecticIQ Fusion Center from Tuesday 28 June 2019.

1. The biggest practice to reduce risk can be summarized as: "Keep your devices under your control". This includes: not letting anyone else access your personal belongings (your hotel is not secure), being mindful of the electronic resources you connect to, keeping your devices free of tainted material that includes physical hardware, and generally being mindful of how your information is passed digitally (cleartext communication for instance).

2. The second best practice to reduce risk is: Apply vendor supplied patches and keep all systems up to date.

3. A third practice is: to use cash or carry a single dedicated credit card. Financial gain is still one of the most significant motivations that will introduce risk. This step is important to reduce your risk even further.

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